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Ann Mutave Kioko is the current president of African Organization for Families an organization. She is also the regional Campaigns Manager for CitizenGO in Africa and a Member of Board of Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops Family Life Commission.

Ann has also served as the Program Manager of Kenya Christian Professionals Forum and a volunteer with Human Life International Kenya.
She graduated at the University of Nairobi in 2011 with an honours degree in Communication and Sociology. She was then hired as a Business Development Executive by K-rep bank, a position from which she resigned to pursue her passion in pro-life and Pro-family work. She on 2012 enrolled for a Bachelors of Laws degree which she has never completed considering she was doing most of her work pro-bono.

After resignation from the bank she volunteered entirely to Human Life International Kenya, serving to ensure she brought together all pro-life professionals to give a voice in maters life and family. It is during this volunteer work that Kenya Christian Professionals Forum contacted her in 2013 to help organize a launch event. She further served as a volunteer with KCPF for three months after which she was appointed as the program manager.
In her tenure at KCPF she helped organize the first ever Family Conference in Kenya which brought together various pro-family champions including the first lady of Kenya, World Congress of Families, International Organization for Marriage and Family Watch International Representatives. She also organized March for the Family just before president Obama visited Kenya to oppose any push for the same-sex marriages and several Marches for Life, Life Symposia, Leadership awards for Christians, prayer breakfasts and engagement events with Christian Members of Parliament.
Ann Kioko developed her pro-life and pro-family passions after she was informed at her teen age that she was an abortion candidate. Her mother was subjected into a very devastating situation when she was pregnant with her which almost made her loose her pregnancy.
It’s after that, that she joined pro-life trainings while at the University of Nairobi making her a powerful pro-life voice in campus. She served as the National Organizing Secretary for Pro-life Organizations in all Universities in Kenya during her second, third and fourth years in campus.

The other positions that she holds on voluntary basis include the Vice Chairperson of Young Adults Catholic Association in Kenya, The National Organizing Chair of Pro-life Professionals in Kenya, a member of the Kenya Movement of Catholic Professionals, Kenya Christian Professionals Forum and YALI-Mandela Washington Fellowship.

Her activism has though not gone devoid of challenges as anti-life activists have hacked her social media and email accounts twice and used them to spread propaganda about her work. She has continuously faced personal attacks from such forces but has never given up on her activism.
She has featured in several radio stations in Kenya including being a show host at Sauti ya Mwananchi Radio. Has done several shows with Radio Waumini and Hope FM educating masses on pro-life and pro-family concerns. She has also featured on National Television as a guest or being quoted after events including the Nigerian Channels Television, NTV and KTN. She has also been writing articles to Christian Times, a leading conservative paper in Kenya and also to several secular papers.
Ann also runs a Mentored-2-Mentor programme which has helped her reach out to high school students and counsel those that are in crisis pregnancies besides educating them on sexuality issues. She has saved several from abortion and seen children through adoption.
She has been invited as a speaker locally by organizations, schools and churches and internationally by pro-marriage and pro-family organizations.
Her passion for life, family and women issues can not be matched.
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